SmartVue architecture

Core servers have three web services. The web serivices use the existing STS token service on the core server for authentication/security.

  • SmartVueData: Accepts data posted by LDGatherData.exe.
  • SmartVue: Provides data to the SmartVue mobile application.
  • Dashboard1: Manages widget display in the SmartVue mobile application.

Setup creates these new tables in the core database:

  • SmartVueData
  • SmartVueLocationData
  • SmartVueQueryLocations
  • SmartVueWidgets
  • SmartVueUserWidgets
  • SmartVueConnections
  • SmartVueSettings

LDGatherData.exe posts results to SmartVueData web service, which then puts the data into the SmartVueData and SmartVueLocationData tables.

With slow links, LDGatherData.exe is installed locally. You can then schedule it to run whenever you want. When it runs, it gets the latest XML files from the point core and posts its data to the point core's SmartVueData web service.