Configuring SmartVue locations

If you manage devices at multiple locations, you can configure SmartVue to group devices by location. Use the Location page (Configure > SmartVue configuration, then click the Location page) to configure how SmartVue determines device location. You have three choices:

  • LDAP
  • Device name
  • LDMS public queries

You can only choose a single location method.

Configuring LDAP locations

When the inventory scanner scans a managed device that belongs to an Active Directory, the scanner returns that device's location path. You can tell SmartVue which part of that path contains the location text that you want to use.

On the SmartVue configuration dialog's Location page, select LDAP. The page shows a sample location path that the inventory scanner reported. The text box below the sample path lists elements in the path based on the delimiter you specify (/ is the default). Select the path element containing the location text that you want SmartVue to use.

Configuring device name locations

If your managed devices have a standardized location prefix in their device names (for example, a three-letter city prefix), you can enter it here. You will need to enter the starting character position and length. Select the characters in the sample entry and the dialog box will automatically enter the values for your selection. Note that the first character in the device name is position 1, not 0.

You can only configure a single device name location template.

Configuring Ivanti public query locations

If you have queries that identify computers by location, you can use the public query location option. Each query's results correspond to a location. You can add multiple queries. Once you've selected the queries you want, click the query Location name and customize it. The Location name will appear in the widget results.