Using the SmartVue iOS app

Before you can use the SmartVue iOS app, you need to:

  1. Schedule and run the SmartVue data collection utility (LDGatherData.exe) so data from your core is available to the SmartVue iOS app.
  2. Give SmartVue app users the SmartVue permission so they can log into the core from the mobile app (Tools > Administration > User management). Ivanti administrators have this permission by default.
  3. (Optional) Configure additional database connections to other core servers, Ivanti Service Desk servers, or custom data sources.
  4. Install the iOS app on your mobile device. Download the "LD-SmartVue" app from iTunes:

Once you've completed the prerequisites above, you can log in to your core.

To connect to a SmartVue core from the iOS app
  1. On your mobile device, launch SmartVue.
  2. In the Settings dialog box, enter your Ivanti User name and Password.
  3. The Core URL will be http://<your core's computer name or IP address>. For example, http://myIvanticore.

Once the app has connected you can browse the data that the data collection utility has gathered. Refer to the help screen if you're wondering how to use the app:

The iOS app connects to the core to get widget data when you first show a category and when you change categories. Navigation within a category won't trigger widget data updates.