Welcome to Ivanti SmartVue

Use Ivanti® SmartVue to view key information about IT processes that impact user productivity, system performance, and endpoint security. SmartVue shows the value of IT within your organization and is ideal for CIOs, department heads, and IT directors who need timely information for decision-making and business conversations. By default, SmartVue is installed on each core server.

SmartVue gives you data to share about the successes, challenges, or needs of your IT department. You can also use it to track goals, service level agreements, or key performance indicators.

With SmartVue, you’ll see visual graphs and charts on your iPhone or iPad that are generated from management and security data stored in your Ivanti core server, such as:

  • Devices managed
  • Operating systems
  • Patch processes
  • Power management
  • Provisioning
  • Remote control
  • Security
  • Software
  • Software distribution
  • Windows upgrades

In the Dashboard, you can view SmartVue charts that display data from the core server. However, to view aggregated data from all of the servers, you must view the data in the SmartVue app.

Other key features include the following:

  • Shareable information via PDF exports
  • Time and location filters for all records
  • Integration with iBooks to print directly from your iPhone or iPad
  • Connectivity with other Ivanti products, such as Service Desk