Configuring SmartVue data sources

By default, SmartVue collects data from the core server where it was installed. You can add other data sources in the SmartVue Configuration dialog. Any server can be a point core and you can specify which servers you want to post to and pull from. By forwarding data to another core, you can create a server hierarchy.

If you're connecting to a custom data source, you can enter your own name. Note that the case-sensitive Data source name you enter here also must be entered in the .XML widget configuration file that refers to it. The attribute that needs to match is <DataDefinition datasource="">.

To configure data sources
  1. In the management console, click Configure > SmartVue configuration, then click the Database sources and cores page.
  2. Click Add or select an existing data source and click Edit.
  3. Enter the data source information and database credentials.
  4. Click OK.