Software distribution content packages

Software distribution content packages are a special category of packages that was designed with sharing in mind. Content packages act as package templates that others can copy.

For example, if your IT organization has multiple people who distribute packages, you can create content package templates for common applications. Members of the distribution team can make copies of those content packages and customize them for their individual needs without having to start from scratch.

You can view content packages in Tools > Distribution > Distribution packages > Content Packages.

Content packages have the following constraints:

  • Read-only
  • Can't be scheduled
  • Must be copied into another distribution folder before you can schedule or modify them
  • Can't have dependent packages
  • Can't be bundles

You can create your own packages and put them into the content packages group, but once there they will be subject to the constraints listed above.

Content packages can be exported, and they will automatically import into the Content packages folder.