MSI transform generator

A transform is an answer file that contains the choices you want to use during an MSI install. Endpoint Manager 2018.3 has a new transform generator feature that provides a quick and easy way to generate these transform files and include them with your MSI package deployments.

The transform generator lets you step through an MSI's interface without actually installing the MSI or making any changes to the computer you're using. The transform generator captures the selections and changes you make in the MSI file's interface. When you're done, the MSI interface closes and the transform file is saved. This transform file is then added to the package command line and also added as an additional file to the package you're configuring.

Once you've created a transform, you should verify that it works as expected by deploying the MSI to some test devices first. Not all MSI files correctly implement transform files. If a small test deployment works, you can then consider larger deployments.

Transform files generated by the transform generator only work with Endpoint Manager 2018.3 device agents. Endpoint Manager 2018.3 SU1 is expected to remove this limitation.