Updating package run-as credentials

Each software distribution package has an Accounts properties page. The default is to use the LocalSystem account to distribute the package. You can also choose to use the current user's account.

The final accounts option is to Run as a specified user and provide that user's credentials. If you have a lot of packages that use run-as and you need to update those credentials, it can be tedious editing each package individually. In this case, use the Bulk package credentials update tool.

This tool shows a list of all packages and lets you provide credentials. You can select the packages you want to use the new credentials. Shift and Ctrl multiselection is supported. Only checked packages will have their credentials updated.

To bulk update run-as package credentials
  1. Click Tools > Distribution > Software distribution.
  2. On the toolbar, click the Bulk package credentials update button.
  3. Enter the new credentials.
  4. Select the packages that should use the new credentials.
  5. Click Update.