Update package hashes

Because many package files are obtained from peers in the network, the files are verified prior to installation. The integrity of the files are verified by comparing the MD5 hash of the file to the MD5 hash generated at the core server.

When a distribution package is first scheduled, Endpoint Manager downloads the files and calculates the hash values associated with the primary file and any additional files used by the distribution package. If the hash stored with the package doesn't match the hash value SDClient computed on the target device, the download isn't considered valid.

If you make any changes to the package outside of Endpoint Manager, such as updating the package contents, you need to reset the hash, or any scheduled tasks using the updated package will fail.

To reset a package hash
  1. Click Tools > Distribution > Distribution packages.
  2. From the shortcut menu for the package whose hash you want to update, click Reset package hash. This can take a few minutes on large packages.