Run distribution packages from the source server

Software distribution normally downloads package files to the local device's cache and then installs the package from the cache. This may not work well if a package or application expects installation files to be in a specific folder structure, such as with the Microsoft Office installer, or if the application installation doesn't use all source files for every installation.

For cases like these, you can instead have the local software distribution agent run the file directly from the source, whether that's a preferred server or the source specified in the package. When you enable run from source, software distribution won't download package files to the local cache, nor will it run the package from a peer.

When using run from source with packages stored on Web shares, the primary file must be an MSI file or SWD package. With UNC shares, the primary file can be any file type.

To create a delivery method that uses run from source
  1. Create a scheduled task for an existing package.
  2. In the Scheduled tasks window, right click the task for that package and click Properties.
  3. Open the Task settings page.
  4. In the Download options section, click Run from source (execute on share).
  5. Click Save.