Change synchronization settings

You can configure the core server's auto synchronization interval. The default interval is two minutes. When your selected interval has passed, the core server checks auto sync items for changes. If any have changed, the core then sends those changes to the target cores you specified. Depending on the amount of data being synchronized, lowering this interval slightly increases the source core's processor load.

The Auto synchronization settings dialog box has these options:

  • Synchronize every: The synchronization interval you want. The default is two minutes.
  • Maximum number of retries: The number of times this core will try to connect to target cores. The default is five. Once this limit is reached, the source core will no longer try to sync that item.
  • Compress data when sending: Cores synchronize via HTTPS. When checked, this option also compresses the data stream. The default is checked.
  • User name: This is the user account the core synchronization service will run under. These credentials will also be used on target core servers. These credentials must have logon rights on each target core, the "logon as a service" right, and write privileges. If the account you provide doesn't have logon as a service and write privileges, the core will automatically add those rights to the account. We recommend a domain user account with sufficient access.

    By default this account is set to LocalSystem, which doesn't have these rights and won't work.

  • Status: Shows the "LANDesk(R) Core Sync Service" state. Use the Start, Stop, and Restart buttons to change the state.
  • Synchronize task start behavior
    • Never - target task will be put in waiting state
    • Auto sync only - synchronize start time when task is auto-synced
    • Always - always synchronize start time (export, copy to core, or sync)
  • Show read only warnings when user attempts to edit auto-synced items: This option applies only to the server you make this change on, and it refers to auto-synced items that this server receives, not originates. You can disable this option if you don't want console users to see an extra warning if they try to make changes to an auto-synced item on this server. Disabling this only disables the extra warning. Console users still won't be able to change auto-synced items the server receives.
To change auto synchronization settings
  1. Click Tools > Administration > Core synchronization.
  2. On the Core synchronization tool's toolbar, click the Edit sync service settings button.
  3. Enter the synchronization interval you want.
  4. Change the other options if necessary.
  5. Click OK.
To restart synchronization on an item that has exceeded the retry limit
  1. Click Tools > Administration > Core synchronization.
  2. Under Core servers, click the server you want to restart synchronization on.
  3. In the log, right-click the failed item and click Synchronize again.