Monitoring task status

When a task starts processing, targeted devices move through various task states. You can monitor the task state for targeted devices by clicking an active task in the Scheduled tasks window. Devices will be in one of these categories:

  • All devices: All targets for the task.
  • Active: Targets that are currently being processed.
  • Pending: Targets that haven't been processed yet.
  • Successful: Targets that completed the task successfully.
  • Failed: Targets that failed the task.

These are the statuses the device can have, and the category they are visible in:

  • Waiting: Ready to process a task; (Pending) category
  • Active: Processing the current task; (Active) category
  • Done: Task processed successfully; (Successful) category
  • Busy: Device is already processing a different task and couldn't process the current task; (Failed) category
  • Failed: Didn't complete processing the task for some reason; (Failed) category
  • Off: Device was off or unreachable; (Failed) category
  • Canceled: The user cancelled the task; (Failed) category

When a device is processing a task, it will move through these stages (visible in the Stage column):

  • Core initiated
  • Starting
  • Downloading
  • Installing
  • Completed

Viewing task logs

If a device fails to process a task, the Scheduled tasks window stores the task log. Available logs appear in the Log file column next to a device. In the log file you can see the task command that failed.