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Viewing devices and status in task scheduler charts

Ivanti® Endpoint Manager 9.6 SP1 added task scheduler status charts. In the Scheduled tasks tool, click the root Scheduled tasks item to view the charts. When you double-click a bar or pie slice in a chart, you can get additional information on devices inside the item you clicked. All charts have one of two drill-down options: failures or status. Devices in the drill-down view have the same right-click menu options that you get in the Network View. Additionally, when you select a device in the drill-down view, you can use the toolbar to access these features:

  • Real-time discovery: Discovers the device's fully-qualified domain name, IP and MAC address, and the Endpoint Manager device ID.
  • Remote event viewer: Launches the Windows Event Viewer locally with data from the selected device.
  • Remote file system: Launches the windows file explorer and shows the device's C$ share.

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