Management and Security

Managing scripts

Ivanti® Endpoint Manager uses scripts to execute custom tasks on devices. You can create scripts from the Manage scripts window (Tools > Distribution > Manage scripts).

The Manage scripts window divides scripts into three categories:

  • My scripts: Scripts that you created.
  • Public scripts: Scripts that have been marked public by a user with the Manage scripts "Edit public" right. These scripts are read-only to everyone else. Users can copy public scripts to their My scripts folder to edit them.
  • All scripts: All scripts on the core server.

You can create groups under the My scripts item to further categorize your scripts. To create a new script, right-click the My scripts item or a group you've created and click the script type you want to create.

Once you've created a script, you can click Schedule on the script's shortcut menu. This launches the Scheduled tasks window (Tools > Distribution > Scheduled tasks) where you can specify devices the task should run on and when the task should run. See the next section for more information on scheduling tasks.

Due to specific capabilities supported by the Windows console, scripts created in the Windows console shouldn't be edited in the Web console.

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