Scheduling tasks

Ivanti® Endpoint Manager includes a powerful scheduled task system. Both the core server and managed devices have services/agents that support scheduled tasks. Endpoint Manager consoles and Web consoles can add tasks to the scheduler.

A software distribution task consists of a distribution package, delivery method, targeted devices, and a scheduled time. Non-distribution tasks consist of a script, targeted devices, and scheduled time.

Here are some of the tasks you can schedule:

  • Device configurations
  • Software distribution
  • Various custom scripts
  • Custom data form deployments
  • Unmanaged device discoveries
  • Vulnerability scans
  • Software execution on managed devices

The Scheduled tasks window shows scheduled task status and whether tasks completed successfully or not. The scheduler service has two ways of communicating with devices:

  • Through the standard Ivanti agent (must already be installed on devices).
  • Through a domain-level system account. The account you choose must have the log in as a service privilege. For more information on configuring the scheduler account, see Configuring the scheduler service.

The console includes scripts that you can schedule to perform routine maintenance tasks such as running inventory scans on selected devices. You can schedule these scripts from Tools > Distribution > Manage scripts > All scripts.

Before you can schedule tasks for a device, it must have the standard Ivanti agent and be in the inventory database.

To schedule a task
  1. In the Scheduled tasks window, click one of these toolbar buttons: Schedule custom script, Custom data forms, Agent configuration, or Schedule inventory scan.
  2. Enter the information necessary for the task type you selected.
  3. Click the Schedule button. This displays the Scheduled tasks window and adds the script to it, where it becomes a task.
  4. In the network view, select the devices you want to be task targets and drag them onto the task in the Scheduled tasks window.
  5. In the Scheduled tasks window, click Properties from the task's shortcut menu.
  6. On the Schedule task page, set the task start time and click Save.

You can add more devices to the task by dragging them from the network view and dropping them on the task you want in the Scheduled tasks window.

Additional information about tasks

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