Management and Security

Target devices through a directory

In order for devices to receive policies that are targeted through Active Directory, they have to be configured to log in to the directory. This means that they need to have all the correct device software installed, and they need to actually log in to the correct directory so that their fully distinguished name will match the name that was targeted through Directory Manager.

For each Windows device, there must be a computer account on the Active Directory domain controller. This means that the computer being used as the device must be logged into the domain where the Active Directory exists. You can't simply map a network drive using the fully-qualified Windows domain name. The policy won't take effect this way.

To use Directory Manager to create a query
  1. Click Tools > Distribution > Directory manager.
  2. Click the Manage directory toolbar button.
  3. Enter the directory URL and authentication information and click OK.
  4. Click the New query toolbar button.
  5. Create your query. For more information, see LDAP queries.

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