Adding tenant devices

After you've created a tenant, you can add devices to the tenant by deploying an updated agent configuration that assigns the tenant to that tenant's managed devices.

Each tenant you create has its own team group in the agent configuration dialog box. Use this team group to organize agent configurations unique to each tenant.

The Agent configuration dialog box includes a Tenant page where you can select the tenant associated with an agent configuration.

If you assign a tenant to an agent configuration that's not in the tenant's team group, that configuration won't be automatically moved to the tenant's team group. If you want it there, move or copy it manually.

If you've already deployed an agent configuration to tenant devices, you don't have to redeploy a full agent configuration to update the tenant setting on a device. Instead, after assigning a tenant in the agent configuration you want, use the Schedule update to agent settings toolbar button in the Agent configuration tool to update the settings on targeted devices.

The inventory scanner includes the tenant ID it finds in inventory scans. You can see the tenant name and unique ID in a device's inventory tree under the Tenant node.