Deleting tenants and tenant devices

Deleting a tenant removes the tenant's group from the console tools that reference it. When you delete a tenant you will be asked if you want to reassign object ownerships associated with it, such as agent configurations, to another console user. If you don't do this, orphaned object ownership will revert back to the root console administrator.

The tenant unique ID remains on tenant devices and won't be removed when you remove the tenant. If you want, you can remove the unique ID from tenant devices by redeploying agent configuration settings that don't include a tenant. Leaving the unique ID on tenants causes the inventory scanner to populate the unique ID inventory data, but since the device will no longer have a tenant name associated with it, the device won't be part of the tenant's team group.

To delete a tenant
  1. Click Tools > Administration > Tenant management.
  2. Select the tenant you want to delete and press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  3. If you want to reassign tenant objects to a console user or team other than the root administrator, select the user or team you want.
  4. Click OK.
To remove a device from a tenant
  1. In the Agent configuration tool, select an agent configuration that has no tenant selected.
  2. Click the Schedule update to agent settings toolbar button.
  3. Add devices that you want removed from the tenant to the scheduled task and schedule it to run.