Managing devices in a tenant

Once you've done the following, you'll see the tenant as an item throughout many parts of the console:

  1. Created a tenant
  2. Assigned console rights to manage that tenant
  3. Added devices to the tenant

You'll see the tenant in such areas as:

  • Network view, under Devices, Virtual OS hosts, Queries, and Scopes.
  • Administration toolbox, under Column set configuration and User management.
  • Distribution toolbox, under Delivery methods, Distribution packages, and Manage scripts.
  • Power management tool.
  • Security and Compliance toolbox, under Patch and compliance and Security configurations.

You can then use the tenant's team group in these tools to view and manage devices belonging to a tenant. Only console users with rights to manage a tenant will see that tenant in the console.

An easy way to target tenant devices in a scheduled task is to use the mouse to drag the tenant's scope from the Network view and drop it on the task you want.

NOTE: For Windows devices the tenant's unique ID gets added to the registry:


For Macintosh devices the tenant's unique ID gets added to a plist: