Tenant management overview

Tenant management allows you to compartmentalize managed devices and configurations by company. If you're responsible for managing multiple companies or distinct organizations within your own company, in the past you may have deployed separate Endpoint Manager core servers for each location. You would then have to log in to each core to manage each company or organization.

Using tenant management alongside a Ivanti Cloud Services Appliance greatly reduces the need for multiple core servers. Once you configure tenant management, devices configured for tenants show up in separate scopes within the console. You can then be sure which tenant's assets you're managing as you use the console.

Each tenant you create gets its own user management team and scope. You can assign console users to the specific tenant teams and scopes that they need to manage.

Each tenant can also have associated contact information, contract terms, and Ivanti license usage tracking.

These are the main tenant management configuration steps:

  1. In the Tenant management tool (Tools > Administration > Tenant management), create a tenant.
  2. In the User management tool, add console users to a team or scope that can see the tenant.
  3. In the Agent configuration tool, create an agent configuration, select the proper tenant on the tenant panel, and then deploy it.
  4. Use the tenant groups in the console to manage tenants.