Restore client records

Should you ever reset your core database and need to restore device data, you can use UDD to discover all devices on the network. You can then use the discovery results as the target for the "Restore client records" scheduled task.

If the devices have the standard Ivanti agent on them, this task has the devices send a full inventory scan to the core database that each device is locally configured for. The result of this task is that those devices that have already been configured will be rescanned backed into the database and the devices will still be pointing to their correct managing core server. The task will fail on devices that haven't been managed by a core server.

To restore client records
  1. Use UDD to discover unmanaged devices, as described earlier.
  2. Click Tools > Distribution > Scheduled tasks.
  3. In the Scheduled tasks window, click the Schedule custom script button.
  4. Click Restore client records, and from its shortcut menu click Schedule.
  5. From the UDD Find results tree, drag the computers you want restored onto the Restore client records task in the Scheduled tasks window.
  6. From the Restore client records task's shortcut menu, click Properties and configure the task.
  7. Watch the Scheduled tasks window for updates.