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Ivanti Application Virtualization

Ivanti Application Virtualization is a Ivanti® Endpoint Manager powered by Landesk add-on product that is sold separately by Ivanti® Software. Ivanti Application Virtualization uses Thinstall technology to virtualize an application, storing it in a single self-contained executable with the application and DLL/device driver dependencies.

When run, virtualized applications run in an isolated environment without making changes to the Windows installation they're run on. Virtualized applications even run on locked-down devices without requiring additional privileges.

For more information, see the documentation that accompanies Ivanti Application Virtualization. When you use Ivanti Application Virtualization with Endpoint Manager, you can deploy and manage virtualized applications.

NOTE: Using non-Ivanti versions of Thinstall
The Ivanti Application Virtualization version of Thinstall has customizations that are specific to Endpoint Manager. Other versions of Thinstall virtualized applications may not work correctly with software license monitoring or the inventory scanner.

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