Intel vPro management features

After you provision an Intel vPro device and it appears in the Ivanti inventory database, several management features are enabled. To access these features, right-click the device name in the Network view and select Intel vPro options.

The enabled features and amount of visible data depends on whether the device has been provisioned and whether the device is in Client Control Mode or Admin Control Mode. The version of Intel vPro on the device may also determine which menu options are displayed. The Intel vPro Options menu item will not be displayed for non-vPro devices.

Hardware vendors have the responsibility for the vPro implementation on their devices. This can result in only a subset of features available on a given device.

Intel vPro status

The Intel vPro status dialog box displays current information about the Intel vPro features that have been enabled and are in effect on the device. This includes general information, power settings, wireless profile, agent presence, system defense, network environment detection, and remote access settings. Features that are not supported on the device appear dimmed.