Remote Secure Erase

Tools > Configuration > Agent settings > AMT Remote secure erase

NOTE: In order to use the Remote Secure Erase feature, you must be using AMT 11 and either Intel SSD Pro 1500 or Intel SSD Pro 2500.

Use this dialog box to create AMT remote secure erase settings profiles.

  • RSE capable devices: Click the names of the machines you want to erase.
  • Master Password: Specify the password that must be configured in order to initiate a remote secure erase.
  • Remember password: Check to save the password in the Remote Secure Erase dialog.
  • Erase: Click to initiate the remote secure erase.
  • Erase operation status: Displays the status of the operation.

NOTE: Be sure to configure the hard drive User and Master passwords in the BIOS.