Editing Intel vPro client notification strings

You can send a message notifying a user when Intel vPro System Defense has detected a problem and disconnected the user's device from the network. A message box is displayed on the device when it is disconnected from the network, and a second message is displayed after the issue has been resolved and the device has been reconnected to the network (removed from the remediation queue) by the administrator.

Use this dialog box to enter the notification strings that are displayed on managed devices. You can use default message text or you can customize the message.

To use message notifications for Intel vPro System Defense
  1. Click Configure > Intel vPro options > Client Notification Strings.
  2. Select the Enabled check box to send messages when a device's network access is disconnected.
  3. To customize a message, replace the default text with the message you want to display on the client devices.
  4. Click OK.