Generate a batch of Intel vPro provisioning IDs

IMPORTANT: Before you generate Intel vPro IDs, you must first create an Intel vPro password for the default "admin" account, and must synchronize the password with all managed Intel vPro devices. Changing the password for Intel vPro devices.

  1. Click Configure > Intel vPro options > ID Generation.
  2. Type the number of IDs to generate (generally the number of devices you plan to provision).
  3. If you want to use a prefix for the PIDs, type it in the PID prefix text box. This prefix can only contain uppercase alphabetic characters and numerals in the ASCII character set. You can enter a maximum of 6 characters for a prefix.
  4. Type a batch name to identify this group of generated IDs.
  5. Click Generate IDs.
  6. To view one batch of generated IDs, select the batch name in the View batch IDs list.
  7. To print a list of the generated IDs for your reference, click Print ID list. The Windows print dialog box opens; select a printer and click Print.

The provisioning keys are stored in the database for future reference as you provision new Intel vPro devices. As the devices are provisioned and the provisioning keys are consumed, the Generate Intel vPro IDs page will display shading for the IDs that have been consumed, so you can track which IDs have been used.

Notes on provisioning keys

A PID prefix can be added for your convenience in identifying the IDs as PIDs, but you are not required to use a prefix. We recommend using 0-4 characters; you can use a maximum of 6 characters for the prefix.

To identify batches of provisioning keys, specify a batch name. This should be a descriptive name that indicates which devices the IDs apply to. For example, you could generate batches for each organization in your company and name the batches Development, Marketing, Finance, and so forth. If you later want to view the generated IDs, you type the batch name and click View batch IDs to see a list with only those IDs.