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System defense with remediation

Intel vPro System Defense technology allows network isolation at the level of the Intel AMT chip. Systems that have been compromised and are a threat to the network can be remotely quarantined with the vPro IP addresses remaining open for remediation without posing a threat to the rest of the network. This is a manual process that is accessible from the right-click menu option at the Ivanti console.

Once the machine has been remediated you can restore the network connection to the device. This option is located in both the right-click menu and in Intel vPro general configuration dialog box. When you select System Defense Remediation, you will be presented with a list of devices that have been removed from the network. Simply select the devices you wish to restore and click Remediate. You will see a pop-up window indicated success or failure of the restore.

The Client Notification Strings dialog box allows you to configure whether a notification is shown on the client machine when it is removed and\or restored to the network.

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