Web console 2.0

Endpoint Manager 2021.1 SU1 introduces the first stages of a new web console. For now it primarily supports inventory, remote control, and 1:1 software distribution. More features will be added in future releases. The original web console is still supported.

Access the web console from:

  • https://<full_core_server_name>/WebConsole

In the URL, you must use the core server's fully-qualified domain name. Log in with the same domain\username and password that you use to log in to the Windows console.

A search page appears where you can search for devices by device name, user name, device ID, or IP address. If you click on a user in the search results and that user is associated with multiple devices, you'll see those devices in the list.

When you click on a device, you can see some general information about the device and the device's Endpoint Manager task history. Click See additional details for more inventory information.

Start a Remote control session from the Available actions button at the top. The remote control session opens in a new tab.

With version 2022 you can distribute software to a device. From Available actions, click Install software.