New CrowdStrike security activity view (2019 SU3)

Endpoint Manager and Security 2019.1 SU3 and 2018 SU5 adds a new CrowdStrike security activity view in Security activity > CrowdStrike.

Many companies use CrowdStrike to protect their endpoints. The new CrowdStrike security activity view in Ivanti Endpoint Manager helps you ensure that the CrowdStrike agent is deployed and working correctly.

Once configured, the Endpoint Manager console gets your managed endpoint information directly from CrowdStrike. This data from CrowdStrike is cross-referenced with data gathered by the Endpoint Manager inventory scanner to get a complete picture of CrowdStrike agent status in your environment.

The CrowdStrike security activity view isn't meant to replace the CrowdStrike console. Rather, it complements the CrowdStrike console by helping you:

  • Identify devices that don't have the CrowdStrike agent installed
  • Identify agent installation problems
  • Find old CrowdStrike agent versions that may need updating
  • Identify devices that haven't communicated with CrowdStrike recently, perhaps because of firewall or installation issues
  • Remotely install the CrowdStrike agent

The CrowdStrike security activity view is licensed with Endpoint Manager and doesn't require an Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager license.

For more information on configuring and using this view, see CrowdStrike agent management (2019 SU3).