Remote control full screen and Alt+Tab support (2020.1 SU1)

The HTML5 WebSockets remote control viewer now has a full screen toolbar button that toggles the view between windowed and full screen.

We've also added support for Alt+Tab passthrough to the remote device, so pressing Alt+Tab while in full screen mode and while the viewer window has the focus will show the remote device's Alt+Tab manager. If you're running the viewer from a browser, Alt+Tab passthrough only works with Chrome-based browsers, including the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

Additionally, we've added support for host Windows Input Method Editor (IME) use. If you're remotely controlling a Windows device and need to input extended characters there, on the host activate the IME mode you want to use from your IME toolbar icon and you can use that to create the text you want to appear on the remote device.