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Ivanti Workspaces

Ivanti Workspaces deliver a modern user experience with the right information and actions for each employee based on role. Providing Workspaces specifically for users improves satisfaction while speeding IT responsiveness.

Users are far more likely to resolve their own IT problems, request their own services, and download their own corporate-approved apps when the experience is familiar, intuitive, and all in one place. Enabling user access to self-service frees up IT resources to focus on more business-critical or innovative projects.

Users depend on an ever-increasing number and variety of devices. Ivanti Workspaces deliver an enhanced end-user experience across the devices people use, no matter their location. The end-user workspace can also be accessed as a desktop or mobile portal from any HTML 5 browser. Such an intuitive experience, with ubiquitous access, speeds adoption and helps IT achieve greater standardization across the enterprise.

Ivanti Workspaces are available with all Ivanti products and solutions. Now you can offer a workspace with comprehensive IT services without jeopardizing your budget or other projects. Ivanti Workspaces unify the experience for different IT disciplines and makes user-centered IT a reality.

Ivanti Workspaces user roles include the following:

  • End User: Provide an intuitive experience for end users to obtain needed IT resources, including apps, access to self-service, documents, and more.
  • IT Analyst: Supply IT analysts with the information, tools, and processes they need for timely analysis, resolution, and service management to meet SLA’s.
  • Asset Manager: Present software and hardware lifecycle data to improve purchasing decisions and reclaim resources for greater ROI of assets.
  • Security Admin: Maintain tight security. Deliver a continuous security posture that displays threat levels plus tools to remediate critical threats.
  • Executive: Deliver high-level information for decision making across multiple IT disciplines.

For information on configuring and using Workspaces, see the Workspaces online help here:

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