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Configuring the Workspaces database after core setup

If you want to use Ivanti Workspaces with Ivanti Management and Security 2016.3, you'll need to configure a database that Workspaces can use.

After you run the 2016.3 setup on the core server and reboot, the core checks for existing Workspaces database connection information. If it can't find that information, the Ivanti Configuration Center will launch in a web browser so you can provide it. Depending on your server configuration, you may have to click through an HTTPS security warning for this page to load.

If you don't want to configure a Workspaces database at this time, click Cancel to close the dialog box. The dialog box will reappear the next time you launch Configuration Center.

To configure the Workspaces database instance

1.If you haven't already, open SQL Server and create an empty database for Workspaces.

2.In Configuration Center, enter the connection details for the Workspaces database you created. These details are for the new empty Workspaces database, not the LDMS database.

If your database requires more connection information than our interface provides, use the Specify as connection string option.

If you want to use Windows credentials for a Windows user that has SQL permissions to configure the database, select the Integrated Security check box. The User Name and Password boxes will disappear and the logged-in Windows user credentials will be used for authentication.

When using integrated security, you need to modify some IIS application pool identities so the database configuration can complete. Follow these steps here: Configuring IIS application pool identities for integrated security.

3.Click Test Connection to make sure the connection details work.

4.Click Configure Database to configure the database. This may take a few minutes.

5.After the database configuration completes, click Close.

NOTE: If you've configured the database but users can't log in to Workspaces, try doing an IIS reset.

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