Bulk actions in Workspaces

Analysts with the Bulk Actions privilege under Configuration Components\Configuration enabled can now perform bulk actions on query results in Ivanti Workspaces.

The Add Attachment action and add actions such as Add Child Incident, where you need to select a specific item to add, are not supported.

The bulk actions feature is unavailable on queries with Prevent Launch enabled.

To perform a bulk action in Workspaces:
  1. Open the required query.
    If you have the Bulk Actions privilege under Configuration Components\Configuration enabled, a Bulk Actions button appears above the query results list.
  2. Click Bulk Actions.
    Check boxes appear alongside the rows in the query results list, and an items selected indicator appears above the query results list.
  3. Click the rows that you want to perform the bulk action on.
    The check box for the row is selected, and the actions available for the module appear beneath the items selected indicator. If you have the appropriate privilege, the first action in the list is an Update... action that enables you to update fields on the main object of the query.

Clicking a row again deselects it. You can also select all of the rows using the Select all... link in the items selected indicator.

  1. Click the required action in the actions bar.

Click on the actions bar to display further actions.

If the action has no window associated with it, an Apply to ... items button appears. If the action has an associated window, the default window for the object appears above the query results list.

  1. Complete any fields as required, then click Apply to ... items.
    The bulk action request is submitted and is processed by the Service Desk Background Service. The Bulk Actions Status page appears, showing the status of the bulk action request, and the success and failure of each bulk action request.

You can view and delete the results of bulk action requests initiated in Workspaces from the Workspaces folder on the Bulk Action Management tree in Schedule Manager.

You can configure how frequently Service Desk looks for new bulk action requests using the Schedule Bulk Action Poll Period (Seconds) value under Background Tasks on the System Settings page in Ivanti Console. For most implementations, we recommend that you set this to 5.