Changes to Service Catalog

Changes have been made to Service Catalog for 2017.1.

Setting the order of items in Service Catalog

Since V7.8.3, you have been able to draw attention to specific items in the catalog in Workspaces by using featured services. However, that has been the only control you have had over the order in which items appear in the catalog. Now, however, you can control the order in which items appear in the catalog in both Workspaces and Web Access using a new attribute on the Configuration Item object called Catalog Order.

Changes caused by this new feature mean that after upgrading to V2017.1 you must rebuild your Service Catalog index using the Rebuild Service Catalog action in the Knowledge Management Administration component of the console.

You may need to add the Catalog Order attribute to the required windows in the Configuration Management module.

From V2017.1, items appear in the catalog ordered as follows:

Catalog Order values must be positive integers. We recommend that when you enter Catalog Order values, you use multiples of 100 so that you can easily add new values between existing values. Each time you add or edit a Catalog Order value, you must rebuild your Service Catalog index.

Changes to the user interface for Service Catalog in Workspaces

The catalog hierarchy control, which enables you to view only catalog items of a specific type, has moved from next to the Search control to the side of the catalog window. When you click Request on an item in the catalog, the Request window now appears from the side, and returns you to the same catalog view when it is dismissed. There is now a icon in the Search to enable you to clear the search criteria and refresh the search results.