Ivanti Workspaces Apps

In addition to accessing Ivanti Workspaces using a web browser on a mobile device, you can also access Ivanti Workspaces using iOS and Android apps. The apps are available for download as Ivanti Workspaces from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

To use these apps, you need to set the Logon policy for BridgeIT and its matching Framework to Token only in Configuration Center. For more information about setting logon policies, see Setting the Logon policy.

Configuring your DNS for the Workspaces app

When you start the Workspaces app, you are asked to sign in. You can add a TXT record to your Domain Name Server (DNS) to facilitate signing in, so that your users need to provide only their e-mail address and password. The TXT record is then used to direct the app to your BridgeIT web site.

Your network administrator needs to add the line:
to the TXT record on your DNS.
(Where http://server/instance.BridgeIT is the address for BridgeIT.)

Although the Workspaces user interface and this documentation refer to using the email address to sign in to the app, it actually uses the User Principal Name (UPN). In most cases, this is set to match the user's email address.

Signing in to the Workspaces app

If you have configured your DNS as described as above, your users can sign in to the Workspaces app using their Email address and Password.

If you have not configured your DNS as described as above, your users need to tap Show Advanced Options, and also provide the Website address for BridgeIT, and their Domain\Username.