Migrating BridgeIT to use Framework (V7.8)

Before V7.8, BridgeIT connected to your Ivanti system through a Web API in the Web Access application. This Web API has been moved from the Web Access application, which was specific to Service Desk, to the Framework application. As a result, from V7.8, BridgeIT connects directly to the Framework application and you need to migrate your BridgeIT applications (Workspaces, Fuse and Mobile Self Service) as a part of the V7.8 upgrade.

BridgeIT, Fuse, and Mobile Self Service

Service Desk V7.6 introduced Ivanti Mobile Self Service, which enabled end-users to access the self service features of Service Desk from a mobile device. Mobile Self Service was built on a responsive web architecture that we called BridgeIT internally. Over the next few releases, Mobile Self Service and BridgeIT were extended to give a richer user experience.

By the time Service Desk 7.7.2 was released, other Ivanti products had also started to add end-user, self service features to BridgeIT. As a result, Mobile Self Service was renamed to Fuse.

With the release of Service Desk 7.8, BridgeIT started to extend to other roles, so the name BridgeIT is now used externally as the name of the underlying architecture that supports our responsive web applications.

In V7.7.2, the Mobile Self Service application in Configuration Center was renamed to Fuse, and any new Fuse web applications created in Configuration Center were named instance.Fuse by default. From V7.8, this application has changed to BridgeIT, and any new BridgeIT web applications created in Configuration Center are named instance.BridgeIT by default. Existing, upgraded applications retain their original name.

The migration

When you first log on to Configuration Center after upgrading to V7.8, you are asked how you want to migrate your BridgeIT web applications. You can either create a new Framework application for each BridgeIT web application, or you can use an existing Framework application if you already have one that you would like to use.

To migrate BridgeIT to connect to Framework:
  1. Log on to Configuration Center.
    If it is the first time that you have logged on to Configuration Center since upgrading to V7.8, the Migrate Web Applications page appears.
  2. If you want Configuration Center to create a new Framework application for each BridgeIT web application, based on existing information from the Service Desk instance, SELECT the Create New Frameworks? check box, then click Migrate.
    If you want to select an existing Framework or manually create a new Framework for each BridgeIT web application, CLEAR the Create New Frameworks? check box, then click Migrate.
    The BridgeIT web applications are migrated.
  3. If you DID NOT select the Create New Frameworks? check box, open each BridgeIT application and enter the URL to the Framework application that you want to use in the LDSD Web API URL box, then click OK.