Set the Bulk Action Poll Period (2016.1)

If you use bulk actions in Workspaces, you need to set an appropriate poll period for background services to check for a new bulk action request. For technical reasons, when you submit a bulk action request using Workspaces, the bulk action is processed by background services. Often, the poll period to check for new bulk action requests is set to 300 seconds – which is a sensible period to check again for scheduled bulk actions that you run overnight, but can cause unwanted delays for bulk action requests submitted from Workspaces. With this set to 300, you could wait up to 5 minutes before your bulk action request is processed. For this reason, if you use bulk actions in Workspaces, we recommend that you set this poll period to 5.

To set the bulk action poll period to work for Workspaces:
  1. In Console, on the Settings menu, click System.
    The System Settings appear.
  2. Under Background Tasks, set the Schedule Bulk Action Poll Period (Seconds) value to 5, then click .