Set Minimum Lines for Web Access text boxes (V7.7.1)

Multi-line text boxes in Web Access used to expand as more text was entered. However, this feature gave poor performance with certain web browsers so, since V7.5 SP1, we have recommended that you do not use it. From V7.7.1 this feature has been completely removed.

Now that multi-line check boxes no longer grow, we recommend that you set a value for the Minimum Lines property for the text boxes in Window Manager.

If you do not set a Minimum Lines value for a text box in Window Manager, the text box is displayed with two lines in Web Access.

This also applies to string attributes with the String SubData Type set to html in Object Designer.

To set a Minimum Lines value:
  1. In Window Manager, open the required window and select the multi-line text box.
  2. Display the Properties grid.
  3. In the Minimum Lines (Web Access) property, type the number of lines that you want the text box to use, then save the window.
  4. Repeat for all of the other multi-line text boxes on windows that are available to Web Access.

When you have set the height of the multi-line text boxes, you can switch off their ability to grow.