Import the Asset Manager design transfer (2016.2 Asset Manager)

If you are upgrading to Asset Manager 2016.2 from an earlier version and have an Asset Manager license, you need to import a set of design transfer files and complete some other design tasks.

For more information about the features imported, see the Asset Manager Prebuilt Content Guide.

For more information about using Design Transfer, see Importing items into your database.

To import the Asset Manager design transfer:
  1. Using the Design Transfer component in the Console, import the design transfer XML files provided in the order suggested by the numbering in the file names.

There will be times during the import when Design Transfer will try to import items that already exist and will ask you how you want to proceed. In this instance, we recommend noting these sorts of messages and choosing NOT to import the new object, so that the system uses your existing object. You can then investigate this area of the design and fix it as appropriate.

There are two instances when design transfer tries to import queries that were already imported earlier in this process. When importing the Contract windows, it tries to re-import the Contract query, and when importing the Asset windows, it tries to re-import the Config Item query. In these instances, you can choose not to create the new query without further investigation.

When you have imported the design transfer files, there are several additional steps that you need to complete. You need to add three filter rules in Object Designer, and publish some dashboards.

  1. In Object Designer, open the Asset Management\Asset Activity object.
  2. In the Attributes tree, select Configuration Item, and alongside Filter Selectors, click .
    The Attribute Filter Selectors dialog appears.
  3. Click Add New Filter Rule.
    The Attribute Filter Selector dialog appears.
  4. Select the Select a filter query option button, then in the list, select Active and Retired CIs and click OK.
  5. Save the changes to the object.
  6. Similarly, add CI Asset - Types as a filter query to the Configuration Item Type attribute on the Asset Management\Asset Activity object.
  7. Similarly, add Contracts For Renewal as a filter query to the Contract attribute on the Contract Management\Contract Activity object.
  8. In Console, on the Shortcuts menu, click Manage Shortcuts.
    The Shortcut Manager appears.
  9. In the drop-down list at the top right, select Workspaces Shortcut bar and click the Publish Shortcut Groups tab.
  10. Publish the Shortcut groups to the appropriate users, groups, and roles as you require.