Upgrade the database (all versions)

You upgrade the Ivanti database using the Ivanti Configuration Center.

For V7.7.2, the obsolete HelpDesk persistence manager was removed. If you do not upgrade your database, you will receive an error similar to:
Could not load file or assembly ‘Touchpaper.Framework.Data.Pm.Rdb.HelpDesk’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
Running the upgrade will fix this error.

When you upgrade your database to V7.6.1, fields that use the ntext data type in the database are upgraded to the more future-proofed nvarchar data type. On large databases this can take a long time, so you may need to increase the Command timeout setting for the Framework web application in the Configuration Center to avoid time out problems. For more information, see below.

To upgrade the Ivanti database:
  1. In a web browser, open http://server/ConfigurationCenter/ where server is the name of the Ivanti Web server.
    The login page appears.
  2. Enter the User Name and Password, then click Log On.
    The Current Instances page appears.
  3. Click the required instance.
    The instance page appears.
  4. Alongside the servicedesk.Framework configured application, click Upgrade.
    The Upgrade dialog appears.

When you are upgrading the database, you need to select a Service Desk Framework that has the Logon policy set to Explicit only on its Edit Application dialog.

  1. Click Upgrade.
    The upgrade starts.

If your database is very large, you could get timeout problems. You can reduce this problem by altering the Command timeout value for the Service Desk Framework.

To alter the Command timeout value for the Service Desk Framework:
  1. In Configuration Center, alongside the required servicedesk.Framework configured application, click Edit.
    The Edit Application dialog appears.
  2. In the Command timeout (seconds) box, type the new timeout value (for example, 600), then click OK.
    The timeout value is updated.