Set the SCCM Parameters in Desktop Manager (V7.7.2)

Support for Microsoft SCCM 2012 R2 was added to V7.7.2. If you are using the integration with SCCM, you need to make sure that the Parameters set in the Desktop Manager component are pointing to the correct location for the SCCM executables. The executables for SCCM 2012 are in a different location from the executables for SCCM 2007.

This procedure is required only if you use the integration with Microsoft SCCM.

To set the SCCM Parameters:
  1. In the Ivanti Console, start the Desktop Manager component.
  2. In the Management Systems tree, double-click the Microsoft SCCM branch.
    The properties grid on the right displays the Microsoft SCCM properties.
  3. In the properties grid, alongside Parameters, click .
    The Parameter Editor dialog appears.
  4. Set APPPATH1 and APPPATH2 to the paths for the SCCM executables, then save the changes.

These settings are different for SCCM 2007 and SCCM 2012. Make sure you set the parameters for the appropriate version.