Set the number of scheduled bulk action results to keep (V7.8.2)

Each time a scheduled bulk action runs in the Schedule Manager component, it keeps a record of the results of the bulk action. This record reports a lot of information, including when the bulk action ran, the number of records it processed, and information on every record that succeeded and failed. After a while, a large number of these reports can be generated, which can negatively affect the performance of your system.

From V7.8.2, for each of your scheduled bulk actions, you can configure how many of these reports you want to keep. By default, ten are kept and you must keep at least one. The Background Service deletes any additional results each time it processes a scheduled bulk action.

Make sure you have configured the number of scheduled bulk action results you want to keep before you restart the Background Service.

To configure how many scheduled bulk action results to keep:
  1. In the Ivanti Console, start the Schedule Manager component.
  2. Display the Bulk Action Management tree.
  3. Under Schedules in the tree, double-click the scheduled bulk action that you want to configure.
    The schedule page appears.
  4. Set the Bulk Action Results to keep, then click Save icon.
  5. Repeat for the other scheduled bulk actions in the tree.