Re-implement custom backgrounds for Workspaces (2016.1)

V2016 enabled you to implement custom background and logo images in Workspaces. V2016.1 introduces theming, which provides a richer mechanism for customizing the appearance of Workspaces. As a result of this, you need to re-implement any custom backgrounds that you have applied to Workspaces.

To re-implement custom backgrounds for Workspaces:
  1. Sign in to Workspaces as an analyst that has the Administrators role.
    Workspaces starts, and an Administration section is visible in the navigation bar.
  2. Under Administration, click Theming.
    The Themes page appears.
  3. Browse to or type the URL to the image files that you want to use for the Corporate Graphic (Logo), the Main Application Background Image, and the Login Screen Background Image, then click Update Theme.
    The theme updates for all users.

You can specify URLs to MP4 video files for the background images.