Creating a new report

If you do not want to base your report on an existing query, you can create a new report from scratch. You build a report in much the same way as creating a query, adding attributes, sorting data and adding criteria if required.

To create a new report:
  1. In the Query and Report Designer, on the Actions list, click New Report.
    The New Report dialog appears.

Alternatively, to create a report based on an existing query, right-click the relevant query, then click Create Report from Query.
The Create Report dialog appears with the title completed with the name of the query.

  1. Type a Title and Description for your report, then select the Module and Business object upon which you want to base the report.
  2. If required, select the shortcut group to which you want to add the report.
  3. Specify whether this report is for you only, or whether it is available to everyone, then click OK.
    The Report Designer starts.
  4. From the Attributes tree, double-click the attributes that will form your report onto the Selected Attributes list.

To remove an attribute from the Selected Attributes list, right-click it, then click Remove.
To remove all attributes, click Remove All.
To change the order of the columns that appear in the List panel, select the column, then drag it to the required position.

  1. Double-click the required attributes from the collections in the same way.

When you add an attribute from a collection onto the Selected Attributes list, if it is the first attribute you have selected from that collection, a new tab is created alongside the Preview tab. You can add further collection attributes onto the Selected Attributes list, and they will appear on the relevant tab.

  1. If required, order and sort the attributes. If you want to group your report, you must specify at least one sort order.

For information about sorting attributes, see Sorting data.

  1. Click Next.
    The Report Groupings page appears.

If you want to group the report, you must specify at least one sort order. Grouping is hierarchical: you cannot group on the last attribute without selecting all previous attributes. If you want to sort by a particular attribute, you must ensure that you have the attributes in the correct sort order.

  1. If required, select the attributes by which you want to group the report, then click Next.
    The Criteria page appears.
  2. If required, drag the required attribute for which you want to specify criteria, and complete the relevant information.
    You specify criteria for a report in the same way that you specify criteria for a query. For information about specifying criteria, see Creating criteria for your query.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Make any required changes to the general settings for the report, then click Finish.
    You are prompted to save the report.