Searching specific attributes in a business object

After you have marked a business object for inclusion in the knowledge search, you need to specify which attributes you want to search. You do this by setting the Search Type property for the relevant attributes.

To specify the search type for attributes:
  1. In Object Designer, double-click the required business object.
  2. In the Attributes list, select the required attribute, for example Title, then in the Properties grid, set the Search Type property to Is Natural Language.

You can set the Search Type to Is Classification, so that when you use the Knowledge Management Search component, you can browse all of the classifications within the knowledge database. For more information about classifications, see Searching using classifications.

If the attribute is grayed out, then you need to return to the Process business object, and set the relevant value for the attribute. The grayed out attributes are common across all processes, and are created only once for the Process business object, rather than creating the same attribute for many business objects.

  1. Repeat as required.

If you do not want to include specific attributes within the search, then you do not need to set this property.