Specifying the objects included in a search

Before you can search through the data you have captured, you need to specify which business objects you want to include in your knowledge database. In addition, you can specify whether specific attributes are included or excluded in a search.

Any business object that is a process (such as Request, Problem, Change and Call) has a parent module of Process Management. To change the Is Knowledgeable? property on any of these processes, you must change the property on the Process business object. This setting is then applied to all processes.

To specify the searchable business objects:
  1. In Object Designer, open the business object that you want to be able to search for.
  2. In the Properties grid, set Is Knowledgeable? to True.
  3. Click .
  4. Repeat for the other business objects that you want to be able to search for.

Next, you need to set up which business object attributes you want to include in the search.

Setting up which attributes to search