Creating a One Touch package for the Telephony client

If you want to use Telephony integration with Ivanti Web Desk, you need to install the Telephony Flashcard client application on the client computers. You can do this using One Touch.

To create a One Touch package for the Telephony client:
  1. Under Package to generate on the Ivanti One Touch Package Generator, select TelephonyClient.
    The Configuration group box updates to show additional fields for the Telephony client package.
  2. Enter the Framework Url and WebDesk Url for your system and make sure that the WebDesk option button is selected.
  3. Complete the rest of the dialog as described in Creating a One Touch package for Console.

The first time that the Telephony client is run on a computer, you may need to enter the Administrator credentials for the client computer. This is so that the Telephony client can register the protocols required to communicate with Web Desk.