Ivanti Open Touch

Ivanti Open Touch uses scripts to integrate Service Desk and Asset Manager APIs with external applications so that you can perform business functions (such as processing actions and queries) within Service Desk or Asset Manager from your external applications. This is useful for automatically logging, progressing and closing the processes within your system, or for generating queries.

There is an extensive programming interface (API) that Ivanti uses to develop the Ivanti Console, Ivanti Web Access and other client applications (such as background services). Third parties can also use this API to develop complex applications. While you can access Open Touch using a client-side .NET API, in general, most businesses do not require such an extensive programming interface. Instead, you can use the supplied Web Services to interface with Open Touch.

The Web Services enable you to design and run scripts without needing to understand the complex nature of the lower level programming interface. In many cases, no application development is required other than the generation of scripts. However, for more complex procedures, you may need assistance from an Ivanti consultant.