Managing Web Sites

For most implementations, using the Default Web Site is appropriate. However, if you want to use multiple web sites, or use a different web site, you can manage this using Configuration Center.

Using Configuration Center, you can create new web sites and, when creating an instance, choose which web site to associate the instance with. You cannot change the web site that an instance is associated with after you have created the instance. Any changes you make to a web site in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) are reflected in the web site in Configuration Center.

To create a new web site:
  1. Log on to Configuration Center, then on the Configuration Center toolbar, click Web Sites.
    The Current Web Sites page appears.
  2. Click Create Web Site.
    The Create Web Site dialog appears. This dialog includes all of the fields you would use in Microsoft Internet Information Services Manager to create a web site.
  3. Complete the fields as required, then click OK.
    The new web site is created. You can choose this web site when you create a new instance.

For information about the fields on the Create Web Site dialog, and for more information about creating web sites, see the documentation provided with Microsoft IIS.

By default, the Port is set to 80, which is the port for the Default Web Site. You either need to specify a different Port, or leave the Port set to 80 and specify a Host name. We recommend the latter.

From the Current Web Sites page, you can also start, stop, restart, and delete web sites. Deleting a web site from Configuration Center also deletes it from IIS. You cannot delete the Default Web Site.

The names for web applications must be unique across all instances and web sites.