Adding translations specific to Web Access and Workspaces

There are some areas of Web Access that you add translations for from within Web Access itself (and in many cases, these also update Workspaces):

Please note that multilingual features are not fully supported or available in Workspaces.

You can add translations for each of these items in a similar manner:

In each case, the Configure Localized Resources dialog appears to enable you to add translations. When you have added translations for these items in Self Service, they are then also used in the corresponding area in Ivanti Workspaces.

For information about adding translations for titles and column titles of queries designed in the Ivanti Console, see Adding individual translations for windows and query titles.

If you are logged in to Web Desk using a culture that is not the base culture, you can create and modify only personal shortcuts, dashboards, and queries.

Web Access query filters and query column titles are not exported when exporting multilingual strings.